These 5 tips will help you become an excellent hotel manager

In case you have plans to become a successful hotel manager, there is the thing that you might need to do. It is alright to have an additional HR training in Dubai as it will help you in many ways. It is important to note that your human resource training will also allow you to get your employees up close. The hotel management training and courses that you had acquired earlier will also prove their worth. The first thing to note when you plan to become a quality hotel manager is that you need to understand the role that you will have to play. Remember, the manager is not just a showpiece, rather is the man who is in control during the peak business hours. You will often find hotel managers strolling in the hall, asking customers about their experience at the hotel, quality of food and whether they liked it or not, among others. This is just one aspect of the job that the manager is supposed to do:

Instant decision

Hotel managers are generally short of time, so they need to take decisions in a hurry. This habit doesn’t come naturally to most managers, but since they go through this situation almost every day during their career, they learn to make decisions in an instant. They’ll mostly make the right decisions; thanks to the habits they’ve learned at the hotel.

They seldom stay at the office

No, they don’t keep strolling outside for no reason, neither do like to during hot summers. The simple reason why they are seldom found in the office is their busy schedule. They have a list of meetings planned almost every other day. From customers to business partners, to those looking to do business, then they have to deal with more than a dozen emails every hour. In short, the manager has little time left to enjoy his luxury office and drink tea or coffee.

Employee motivation

If you are a manager, it is your duty to raise the morale of your employees from time to time. Keep in mind that your team is like a well-oiled and tuned car. From time to time, the oil starts to deplete and the tuning needs to be adjusted. Same is the case with your team, and you serve the role of a mechanic. Get them regrouped, do a debate raise them up from the ground.

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